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Juni 11, 2020

PI Besi & Baja / Steel & Construction Material Export Import

If we can show you an easy way to import steel, do you want to import using our services? Imagine what would happen if you could easily import iron, steel and its derivative products such as:

  • Nut and bolt;
  • Construction Material;
  • Irop Pipe, Steel Pipe;
  • Hollow Galvanized;
  • Anchorage;
  • Iron Rack;
  • Wire;
  • Steel Bar;
  • Prestressed Anchorage;
  • Heavy Equipment’s Spare Parts.

To import steel products and their derivative products you must have a special permit because steel is included in the LARTAS category at Indonesia. So there is a quota limit if you want to import iron, steel and its derivatives.

If you have a partner who has a special permit to import iron, steel and its derivative products, will it make it easier for you?

If so, then consider the information below because we have the solution.

As we all know, not all goods can be imported or not all goods can enter Indonesia. There are some items that are really not allowed to enter Indonesia, but there are items that can enter Indonesia, only the amount is limited. Such items are usually categorized in LARTAS. Iron, steel and its derivative products are included in the LARTAS category, so if you import these goods you must have an import permit in the form of an Iron Steel PI document.

Not all companies have licenses to import steel and its derivative products. Because the cost of obtaining documents is not only expensive but also requires a long time. For iron, steel and its derivative products currently circulating in Indonesia, most are imported products because Indonesia’s current domestic production capacity cannot meet domestic needs.

Call it a product such as nut bolts, kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, iron racks, iron pipes, wire and others. If you can import these goods to Indonesia, it will be easier for you to find these items abroad.

Then what is the solution so that you can still import iron, steel and its derivative products?

There are several procedures that you must do. If you have found the right supplier and goods, don’t be in a hurry to make a transaction with your supplier. You have to really make sure the goods can be imported in Indonesia. The trick is to find out the HS Code of the item. To find out the HS Code number, you can ask your supplier overseas directly or check through internet search engines like Google. If you have got the HS Code number then you can send the HS Code number to whatsapp number 087776070560 (Henny). Our customer service will help you check the HS Code.

After getting information about the HS Code, we will check first. If the HS Code is included in the category of goods that can be imported then we can help you prepare all the import documents.

We are an import service that follows official procedures. So you don’t need to worry about the costs because we will transparently provide all information related to the calculation of import taxes. If you are used to importing wholesale, you will be surprised at the cost of official imports, because official imports are much cheaper than wholesale imports.

If the HS Code and documents have been confirmed then you can make a transaction with your supplier and start the import process. We make sure your goods will arrive in Indonesia safely.

Now you know the easy way to import steel products.

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