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Juni 10, 2020
Freight Forwarder Services Jakarta, Call Us : 02150102508
Juni 10, 2020

Custom Brokerage Services Jakarta, Call Us : 02150102508

Logistics & Freight Forwarder Solutions – As clearance specialists, we manage and control the import of goods on behalf of our customers. This is what we call customs brokerage. You don’t need to worry because we are already experts and experienced in this field, many clients have used our services. So, what can PT. Neho Global Trade do to ensure a fast and efficient customs brokerage process?

  • Go digital

At the era of digital, many processes are moving towards digitalization.  We understood this trend since the very beginning, and is now updated with the latest technologies.

  • Be diligent

To ensure a hassle-free customs clearance, we make sure to stay updated to the latest regulations, ensuring proper paperwork, licenses, etc.

  • Determine the type of cargo

We make sure that your products are in full compliance with the import requirements. Whether you need to ship restricted items, hazardous products, or any other challenging good, we will make sure that your cargo is released.

  • Find ways to reduce import costs

If your products can benefit from tax exemptions or reduced import tariffs, we’ll make sure that you can benefit from it.

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