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Juni 10, 2020
Freight Services
Juni 11, 2020

Freight Forwarder Services Jakarta, Call Us : 02150102508

Logistics & Freight Forwarder Solutions – A freight forwarder is an organization able to handle exportation and importation process for companies (nationals or multinational), Individual and Association who aim to ship internationally. As a freight forwarder, PT. Neho Global Trading doesn’t handle the freight itself. We act as an intermediary between the customer and all necessary transport services. Sometimes these are complex transportation processes involving many companies across several countries with as many different laws to respect.

We are always committed to providing satisfying services, Your business has products to send worldwide? Do you need a logistics partner who understands international shipping and can offer many channels and services to deliver your shipment to the right place, on time? PT.Neho global trading facilitates easier international shipping and is an integral part of a secure supply chain.

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